Public Declaration of Pahlavan-e Bozorg Razaz

In 1914 in Iran, only less than hundred years before the turn of the century, Pahlavan-e Bozorg Haj Seyyed Hassan Razaz displayed outmost respect and dignity towards foreign world wrestling champions who visited Iran. Here is Pahlavan Razaz's public declaration to the people of Iran few days before his historic match against world wrestling champion Kakouta Hindi of India.

Amercian wrestlers finished their matches few days ago in Iran during Takhti Wrestling Tournament (1998). Although they did not represent the government of the United States, they surely represented the spirit of wrestling amongst the people of the United States. This was the first Amercian wrestling team visiting Iran after the 1979 Islamic revolution. In fact, this was the first ever American atheltic expedition to Iran in post-revolutionary time. While they stayed in Iran, we hope they understood the spirit of Pahlavani through their contacts with the Iranian people. But as far as we are concerned, we humbly offer Pahlavan Razaz public declaration.

Secondly, the tournament our American friends attended bears the name of the last true Pahlavan of Iran, i.e., Jahan Pahlavan Takhti. We are hopeful that the American wrestlers were aware of the Pahlavani name this tournament carried.

Finally, it is our sincere desire that this public declaration is also read and studied by our present Iranian wrestlers. We know we live in another era, and this is the period commercialism and economics influence the statue of wrestling in Iran immensely. Nevertheless, the new generation of wrestlers need to remind themselves constantly as who they are, what legacy of wrestling they represent, and whom they ought to look up to in order to form a role model. We certainly believe Pahlavan-e Bozorg Razaz and Jahan Pahlavan Takhti fit the model just perfectly. This will enable the present wrestlers to exhibit the attitudes and values of our traditional Iranian Pahlavans during their encounters with foreign wrestlers.

World Champions come and go. This is the property of time. Pahlavans are immortal. They never die, because it is their deeds and behavior that makes them a Pahlavan, and not necessarily their strength or skills. As Pahlavan Razaz states in his declaration "We do not need money and do not wrestle for prizes, nor we wrestle for titles. We wrestle for the glory of Iran and her people."

Pahlavan-e Bozorg Seyyed Hassan Razaz

World Champion Kakouta Hindi of India

To All Scholars, Sport Fans and Respected Citizens of Iran - Rich and Poor:

You all know about the situation of foreign wrestlers, World Champion Seyyed Kakouta Hindi and Allen LoLo of the land of France. From their arrival time to Iran, they announced their challenge to Iranian Pahlavans in the unbias Iranian newspapers. Iranian Pahlavans in return gladly accepted their challenge.

When our dear guests found out about the readiness of our young wrestlers, they came up with several excuses not to wrestle them. Then the government officially invited them for competition and again they declined to compete. Thereafter, it was clear to all people that Iranian wrestlers were ready to compete.

Few days ago, we received a letter of invitation from our opponents challenging us to compete. This letter was addressed to Agha Seyyed Hashem and me. We accepted their invitation to wrestle and chose Sunday for the match. One more time they came up with excuses and changed the date. They have now selected Tuesday as the day of the match one hour before sunset. We hope that they will not dodge this time. It is interesting that they have asked us not to bring up any more excuses! Anyway, we, the insignificant wrestlers of the country, are announcing to the authorities that this time we won't let this matter go away until we wrestle.

We are ready to wrestle on the above date. The following conditions are in place:

1. Because Koshti (Persian word for Wrestling. One meaning is to die) implies death, if an injury occurs during the match to either one of the wrestlers, none of the governments representing these wrestlers should get involved with this issue.

2. The attire of the Iranian Pahlavan is the traditional pahlavani trousers. The foreign wrestlers can wear whatever they want. However, they should consider wearing a garment that is sturdy enough that cannot be torn.

3. If either wrestler loses, he must offer his medals and ranks to the winner.

We would like the public to notice that we are not requiring that the profits from these matches be given to the winning party. However, if the foreign champions decide to donate some money for education, it is up to them as what percentage they want to donate.

On the other hand, if we win the match, by the grace of Imam Ali we are not in need of money, and we specify that the prizes from these matches will be spent on research and education of Iranian culture. We will also commit to pay some of the cash prizes to our guests to cover their exorbitant expenses.

Praise to God Almighty that we do not need money and do not wrestle for prizes, nor we wrestle for titles. We wrestle for the glory of Iran and Iranians.

The Seal of Haj Seyyed Hassan Razaz

The Seal of Seyyed Hashem Khatamzadeh Hosseini

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