Schools of Pahlavani: Tehran/Rey

Pahlavan Haj Mohammad Sadegh Bolourfroush representing Tehran/Rey School of Pahlavani
This school was basically founded during Qajar Dynasty and with the special attention that Nasser-e-din Shah of Qajar paid towards this tradition, it rapidly grew to become the most important school of Pahlavani in Iran. Nasser-e-din Shah ordered construction of a Zoorkhaneh in his palace (Golestan Palace) and himself participated in the rituals of Pahlavani. In his trips to Europe and Russia the official Pahlavan of the country accompanied him along with diplomatic delegates, and these Pahlavans were victorious in wrestling matches against their European opponents (see Account of Famous Matches in Table of Contents).

Because of Nasser-e-din Shah's interest in Pahlavani, many of the elite families turned into Pahlavani and each family had a so-called Pahlavan in their courtyards. The most famous Pahlavan who came from an elite family was Pahlavan Shahzadeh (Prince) Amir Azam, a great grandson of Fath Ali Shah of Qajar. Others included Pahlavan Sarhang Khan, Pahlavan Shahzadeh Seyful-Mulk, Pahlavan Aseful-Doleh, Pahlavan Malekul-Tojar Khorasani, and Pahlavan Mirza Hadayatullah Vazir Daftar.

School of Tehran started in the courts of the shahs but eventually became popular with the masses. Because Pahlavani championships were held in Tehran and also because of economic reasons, many Pahlavans from other parts of the country came to Tehran and eventually became a member of the school of Tehran.

For example, Pahlavan Yazdi Bozorg came from school of Yazd and Pahlavan Akbar Khorasani who was originally from Khorasan. Each Pahlavan had his own or a favorite Zoorkhaneh where he and his disciples practiced Pahlavani.

Pahlevan Agha Seyyed Mohammadali Masjedhowzi was founder of Shamsul-Emareh Zoorkhaneh. Both Pahlavan Yazdi Bozorg and Pahlavan Abolqasem Qumi used to practice at Noroz Khan Zoorkhaneh, yet Pahlavan-e Bozorg Razaz used to go to Sarcheshmeh Zoorkhaneh early in his Pahlavani life.

Famous Pahlavans of this school are as follows:

Pahlavan-e Bozorg Razaz Pahlavan Haj Mohammad Sadegh Bolourforoush Pahlavan Haj Rezagholi Tehrani
Pahlavan Haj Bagher Mivehchian Pahlavan Haj Ahmad Sigari Pahlavan Haj Agha Seyyed Saleh Vanaki
Pahlavan Haj Ali Talachi Pahlavan Haj Habib Lavaf Pahlavan Haj Hossein Tavangar
Pahlavan Mirza Bager Darandarooni Pahlavan Agha Seyyed Mohammadali Masjedhowzi Pahlavan Asghar Najar
Pahlavan Shahzadeh (Prince) Amir Azam Pahlavan Sarhang Khan Pahlavan Habibullah Khan Sama Hozour
Pahlavan Haj Mohammad Najaran Pahlavan Nayeb Ali Khan Malek Pahlavan Haj Sheikh Mohammad Bagher Tehrani
Pahlavan Haj Ali Rostamabadi Pahlavan Abbas Malek Pahlavan Ghasem Takhti
Pahlavan Mir Ghavam-e Blourforoush Pahlavan Seyyed Mousa Darkhoongahi Pahlavan Karim Zandi
Pahlavan Gholam Tajrishi Pahlavan Hessamul-Sultan Khoshnevisan Pahlavan Abbas Hariri
Pahlavan Abbas Farhoomand Pahlavan Mehdi Karimi Pahlavan Khosrow Masoumi
Pahlavan Esmail Ghorbani Pahlavan Zia Mir Ghavami Pahlavan Haj Mostafa Toosi
Pahlavan Abbas Zandi Jahan Pahlavan Takhti Pahlavan Mansour Mehdizadeh
Pahlavan Alireza Soleimanni Pahlavan Haj Seyyed Mohammadali Nekoogar Pahlavan Seyyed Mirza Agha Sajadi
Pahlavan Akbar Ehsani Pahlavan Seyyed Hashem Khatamzadeh Pahlavan Haj Mirza Yahya Dolatabadi

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