Traditional Iranian Martial Arts (Varzesh-e Pahlavani)

Schools of Pahlavani

Pahlavan Haj Mostafa Toosi of Tehran representing the Schools of Pahlavani
The Pahlavani tradition promotes ethical and moral values and the disciples of this school are to observe certain codes. Some of these are humbleness, generosity, virtuosity, charity and mercy. Also, respect for law, humanitarian conduct, bravery, and safeguarding of national traditions are important aspects of this brotherhood.

Traditionally a Pahlavan and his followers used to protect neighborhoods and eventually villages or cities. Each school of Pahlavani has its own unique characteristics based on the culture of a specific region of Iran. They all promote similar ethical and moral values. However, they differ slightly in wrestling techniques and exercises.

The major schools of Pahlevani in Iran are:

In addition to the above major schools of Pahlevani, the city of Kashan had many Pahlavans. Some of these are Pahlavan Faraj Kashani, Pahlavan Haj Agha Mirkashi, Pahlavan Kazem Dabagh Kashani, Pahlavan Haj Hashem Maghami Kashani, Pahlavan Ahmad Maghami, and Pahlavan Reza Maghami.

As was mentioned in the introduction, the word Pahlavan has been misused throughout the history of Iran. In general, what is referred to as a Pahlavan is one of the following:

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