Schools of Pahlavani: Yazd

Pahlavan Yazdi Bozorg in his later years representing Yazd School of Pahlavani
In the Nineteenth Century the city of Yazd was one of the most famous sites of Pahlavani. Many of its Pahlavans ended up wining the Pahlavani Armlet and became the national Pahlavan of Iran. But eventually most of these Pahlavans returned to their hometown of Yazd.

Famous Pahlavans of this school are Pahlavan Jalal Yazdi, Pahlavan Ebrahim Hallaj Yazdi also known as Yazdi Bozorg, Pahlavan Mohammad Abdul also known as Yazdi Koochak, Pahlavan Mohammad Mazar Yazdi, Pahlavan Ali Asghar Yazdi, Pahlavan Mohammad Sabagh Yazdi, and Pahlavan Abdul-Ghayoum Yazdi.

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