Traditional Iranian Martial Arts (Varzesh-e Pahlavani)


In this section we introduce the Memorial page for the first time. This section aims at memoralizing the departure of current Pahlavans of Iran from this earthly life as we know it. As of this writing (August 2002), the institution of Pahlavani is reaching its 78th year in the third phase of its Contemporary Era, and it is only natural that the Pahlavans of the 20th century have begun their journey flying from this mortal world.

We, therefore, find it appropriate to celebrate their rich lives and hence this memorial page. After all, this is the Pahlavani web site on the worldwide web and we feel obliged to pay tribute to the Pahlavans who are passing away.

We just learned the sad news that Pahlavan Abul-Ghasem Sakhdari passed away last week. We dedicate this section to his memory.

Pahlavan Abul-Ghasem Sakhdari as student at Officer's College

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